La Senza- Back to School / 2019: trend-color-concept

La Senza has a strong brand DNA of dressing the Young/Obvious/Sexy customer in lingerie and sport active-wear.

This project is meant as an enhancement to their existing strong assortment.

The Back to School delivery showcases a transitioning from summer to wear now items one is stocking up on to start a new “year”. There is a shift of color to showcase more brown, a move of more prints, color, texture and a shift towards natural fibers. Sustainability and" Fashion w/ a Purpose" continue to be top of mind with the leading fashion influencers.

Global Trends:
*brown is the new black
*active worn everywhere
*the 90's revisited
*technology is no longer a problem; it’s a solution
*color & textile trends has incorporated the need for change, but also a need for reassurance of creative & new ideas

Social Trends:
*Instagram led brands have flourished; create instant demand via posts
*Instagram Influencers create domino effect- once they see it once…they want it
*Instagram aesthetic shows the poster’s individual personal style
*Baring it all- Gen Z/ Gen Me is all about Escapism, overally sexualized imagery is the norm
*Made to Selfie: brands encourage posters to post selfies

Color Trends:
*transitional palette between the high impact of Summer that then leads to Fall
*a mix of high & lows from dusty to saturated to balance assortment
*brown and neutrals up into more importance
*bolster color assortment to reinvigorate familiar items

Raw Material Trends:
*non-floral lace (graphic, hexagonal, diamond, linear)
*texture & texture mixing
*re-balance the shift towards more natural fibers
*rib knits and focus on cotton & cotton blends increases

Print Trends:
*Opportunity for more print; bolster print to reinvigorate familiar items
*Engineered digital prints (up to 140 colors), also can add side shadows for slimming effect
*Snakeskin- capitalize on the versatility of snakeskin- natural & fashion colors

Key Silhouettes:
*this projects showcases that are up-trending… leads the discussing between merchandising & design on “how big is big” and what the key growth strategies should be for the season